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Corrugated cardboard

Usage of corrugated cardboard continues more than hundred years. The beginning of its manufacture has been caused by necessity of creation of not only simple packing material, but a material which would provide protection of a product against external mechanical influences.

Corrugated packing is often applied as secondary packing as it surpasses packing in protective characteristics from a cardboard. Sheet consists of layers of a paper pasted on the corrugated layer in order to increase reliability of protection and making it more rigid. The number of the сorrugated layers depends on degree of necessary protection of a product. Durability corrugated packing is so strong that in many cases it is used instead of wooden boxes.

Basic advantages which container from a corrugated cardboard possesses:

ability to resist shock loadings and moisture penetration;
resistance to face and plane compression;
ability to keep the form at vibrating impacts;
ease of transportation and warehousing.
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