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Box with seal affixing drawing

Four-valve corrugated packages

Self-assembled boxes

Boxes for pizza

    Application sphere of corrugated packing

Cardboard packing — quality indicator of goods.
Before buying a product, we attentively look at package. Often it defines our decision, to buy or to look at other goods. Features of cardboard packages: sufficient durability at transportation, ease, quality of printing; also after printing technologies — relief stamping, a foil embossing, UV- lacquering, inserting of boxes. In contrast to other kinds of packages, giving complex figured shapes to cardboard box is faster and cheaper. All of these aspects allow allocating cardboard packing from all segment of packing production.

Our enterprise develops transport container from corrugated cardboard complex carving with application of polychromatic printing for food, chemical, building, furniture enterprises and other industries.
01 Foodstuffs
  Modern corrugated packages foodstuffs are in accordance with quality and safety standards, thanks to hi-tech corrugated cardboard and special water based paints. These kinds of packages completely correspond to sanitary-and-epidemiologic certificate for contact with foodstuff.
02 Industrial goods
  Cardboard packages for industrial goods — reliable protection against damages at transportation. Enterprise  makes colorful cardboard packages for various industries.
03 Large-sized cargoes
  Transport container and package is made of three and five-layer cardboards and used for heavy weighed production and transportation of large-sized cargoes.

Other samples of packages
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